The Fastest Access to your Life Insurance Benefits with Beneficiary Advance.,It's hard enough without having to wait for the insurance payout.

We can advance your benefits in days instead of weeks,Life insurance payout without the long wait

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Life Insurance Is A Gift

Upon death, unfortunately life insurance proceeds usually take 6-8 weeks for processing and payment.
Our team of compassionate professionals understand the financial urgency families face upon the loss of a loved one, let us care for you by processing and paying funds due to you within 48 hours.

The life insurance policy your loved one left you was a thoughtful and generous gift, but funds are not immediately available. You have two very different options to file a claim and collect your benefits.

Insurance Company

The process of filing a life insurance claim directly with an insurance company often takes 6 to 8 weeks or longer for payment to be received. If a death certificate is pending it can take even longer. The process usually consists of contacting the insurance carrier, then they mail out a claim packet to be completed by the beneficiary. Once the paperwork is completed it is then mailed back in along with a certified death certificate and any other documents they requested.

Beneficiary Advance

Through Beneficiary Advance you can receive your proceeds within just a few days rather than waiting weeks or months. Simply apply online and follow the easy process. IF the death has not transpired, you may still complete the information and enter the date of death upon occurrence.  Once confirmation of policy benefits is obtained and paperwork received then payment is deposited into your bank account or by bank check. Many claims can be paid in as little as 48 hours without a death certificate. Why wait 6 to 8 weeks or longer for your money? Let Beneficiary Advance your funds today!

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