Why would I use Beneficiary Advance for payment of my loved one’s life insurance policy?  Most insurance companies pay out claims on average of 6 weeks.  Beneficiary Advance pays claims directly to the beneficiary usually within 24-48 hours.

What’s the hurry?  Upon the death of a loved one, expenses for a funeral can exceed $8,500 and cremation over $2,000 (average costs per the National Funeral Directors Association). Beneficiary Advance eliminates a survivor’s financial stress by providing immediate life insurance proceeds to cover death related expenses.  Otherwise, a survivor must pay expenses utilizing existing checking, savings accounts, or high interest credit cards waiting for the insurance company to pay the claim.

Do funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries offer payment programs?  No.  Funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries require full payment in advance of services required.

Do I have to use my loved one’s entire life insurance policy? No.  Beneficiary Advance will pay a claim up to $100,000.  However, a survivor may choose to receive only a portion of a loved one’s policy for death related expenses.  Example:  A loved one’s life insurance policy is $50,000 and a family chooses a claim of $15,000 from Beneficiary Advance.  After verification of the policy, the survivor will receive $15,000 within 24-48 hours and the balance from their insurance company usually within 6-8 weeks.

What is the fee for using Beneficiary Advance?  Beneficiary Advance only charges 5% of the assigned proceeds and the fee is taken from the life insurance policy which offers a family a cashless event for funeral and cremation costs.

How easy is it to use Beneficiary Advance?  Visit beneficiaryadvance.com and complete the application (with the exception date of death).  Upon the date of death, go to beneficiaryadvance.com, enter the loved one’s date of death.  The Beneficiary Advance team will verify the insurance policy immediately and pay the claim directly to the survivor within 24-48 hours.

Is there someone I can call at Beneficiary Advance for questions?  Yes, Beneficiary Advance has caring professionals to assist or answer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.